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hillcountryweb why

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Local techs
  • local support
  • speak directly to tech not call center
  • Providing internet to hill country for 15 years
  • excellent service for home business
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Our Network

We are using the latest wireless technology called "near line of sight". Our signal is broadcasted under cloud cover, you will never be prone to problems such as weather lag, or interference. This will keep your high speed internet up and running great, even if everything outside isn't going so good.

High Speed Internet that won't let you down!!
Our equipment is always up and running, no need to connect or sign in, just open your browser to access our high speed service.

Connection Rates

Tier 4
speeds up to 10.0 Mbps
Tier 5
speeds up to 15.0 Mbps
Tier 6
speeds up to 20.0 Mbps
Tier 7
speeds up to 30.0 Mbps
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Tier 8
speeds up to 40.0 Mbps
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Tier 9
speeds up to 50.0 Mbps
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* Speed advertised is maximum download speed allowed per plan. Speeds up to 50M and above are now available. Please email support@hillcountryweb.com for more information.

** Price does not include tax

Installation Fees

Installation Type

The Basic Installation includes set up of external equipment as well as basic wiring run to one computer during normal business hours.

$300 **



Advanced Advanced installations consist of additional wall drops/wiring, software/hardware setup & installation as well as working out of normal business hours.

$300.00** plus $100/hr for additional labor


* Price does not include tax or cost of hardware/software installed


If you would like to speak with one of the Representatives of Hill Country Web call 264-8440 from 8am-5pm

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